How can I help?

Anyone can help! Especially those who want to do something good for girls in Kenya.

Birthdays, weddings and Christmas are often used by our members and friends to generate donations. Instead of gifts, donations are requested. Other ideas such as crafts in schools/kindergartens, bazaars and other charity events are also welcome.

We are also happy to be in contact with schools and are happy to do lectures and/or workshops in schools so that we can tell more about the situation in Kenya.

School campaigns can be diverse and colourful. From healthy snacks and bazaars to student marathons. An email is enough to get in touch with us:

Donations can be transferred to the following donation account:
Association “MOYO – More heart for women and girls in this world”
Hypo Bank Tyrol
IBAN: AT225700030055541385

There are five ways to help:
1. Donations
2. Become a godmother/father at MOYO
3. Become a member of MOYO
4. Become a sponsor of MOYO
5. Voluntary Work

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