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Sustainable and continuous schooling in Africa costs money. Regular donations enable disadvantaged girls to shape their own future through education. It is important that the school can be attended continuously and that girls do not have to take a break after 6 months or 1 year, since there is no tuition or money for school uniforms, boarding school, etc. If these financial resources are not available, the girls are simply sent home until the services can be paid again. This often takes months or even years, what has been learned is then forgotten and primary school has to be started again. Or the girls are often already pregnant and never see the inside of a school again.

This is exactly what MOYO wants to prevent through sponsoring. The aim is to keep girls in school from elementary school until the end of compulsory schooling, so that they can then guarantee their entry into working life.

If you take on a sponsorship, you should commit yourself for some time. A donation in the form of a standing order (or direct debit order) helps us best, as it allows us to plan for the long term. Cancellation is still possible at any time, but we ask that you contact us so that we can assign the girl a new sponsor.

Schooling is expensive and we are aware that taking on a sponsorship is often a financial challenge. But maybe you know someone who would like to do something great with you (family, friends, company)? Together you can make a difference and together with a small financial contribution from each individual, you can already achieve something really great!

We offer 2 types of sponsorships:

Sponsorship in a primary school:

EUR 30/month
Education of a girl in elementary school includes: tuition, school uniform, shoes, lunch, medical care, hygiene items

Sponsorship in a secondary school

EUR 60/month
Education of a girl in secondary school includes: tuition, school uniform, shoes, lunch, medical care, hygiene items

If you are interested in a sponsorship, please contact us at If desired, personal contact with the godchild can also be established.

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