Would you like to help girls on their way to independence? Then we would be happy if you support us with school projects in the district of Bungoma:

Kenya is considered a developed country compared to other countries in East Africa, but massive inequalities still prevail here. The Bungoma district in the northwest on the border with Uganda in particular continues to face problems in economic, social and political development.


Bungoma is the third largest state in Kenya. 84.4% of the population lives in rural areas in poverty with no access to social benefits and various services. These include, in particular, single mothers, widows with HIV / AIDS, the landless and the unemployed with their families. Because of the high birth rate, children between the ages of 0 and 14 make up 49% of the total population. Another problem is household size – up to 10 people or more – which in turn puts pressure on families’ limited financial resources. School education for children is often unaffordable for these families and girls in particular are often denied it.

St. Mary primary school
St. Mary primary school

The MOYO association works with 3 selected schools in the Bungoma district. These are the St. Mary’s primary school, the St. Mary’s secondary school in Sossio and the Nakalira secondary school in Nakalira. Our local partners visit the schools regularly and check whether the donations are used appropriately. This is necessary because corruption is the order of the day even in schools. Even teachers don’t shy away from it because of the poverty in their own families.

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Help these girls to a better future and this starts with education, because this is the first step towards independence.

Unfortunately, many families often lack the money to educate their children. Due to the British system, school fees and school uniforms and meals are also to be paid in public schools (the day school lasts until 4 p.m.). Children without shoes are only allowed to attend the first school class, in higher school children without shoes are expelled from school. The school is not allowed to be visited without a uniform, which is why you often see girls in tattered uniforms. In addition, because of the distances, girls from remote areas do not have the opportunity to attend a day school, and to receive schooling in an expensive boarding school remains an unattainable dream.

Especially in the case of girls, fathers will often deny them schooling. Forced marriage at the age of 14 is on the agenda, girls are simply married away and the problem seems to be solved. Women and girls in Africa do the main work in the fields and in cattle breeding. Girls are used by their families as free labor here.

MOYO uses your donation for the following basic needs of school-age girls:

• catering in school/boarding school
• accommodation in boarding school
• school uniform
• school fee
• shoes
• learning materials
• hygiene products

Please support us by choosing one of the following packages or through a general donation.

School fee

Paying the school fee is a great way to give girls access to education. Most of the time, a full-day school can be visited near the village. Girls from remote areas are often left with only a boarding school because the paths are very difficult and public transport is not well developed.

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School uniform

A school uniform is mandatory in African schools. Unfortunately, families often lack the money to finance it. Thus, attending school for girls is often just a dream.

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Medical supplies

Public hospitals in Africa are very poorly equipped and the hygiene standards in them are catastrophic. There is no state health insurance and medical services and hospital stays must be paid for privately. Large families often lack money for this, which is why savings are made especially with children. Standard vaccinations (e.g. polio) are not carried out and malaria is not treated, which in turn leads to long-term damage.

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Through our cooperation with the local partner
Kimilili Integrated Development Education Program (KIDEP/DECESE), P.o. Box 21 – 50207, Misikhu Kenya
Executive Director Sophie E. Kibuywa

it is guaranteed that your donation will arrive safely !!!

MOYO Board with team of local partner
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