MOYO members and friends on the trail of the Rhaetians in Tyrol

On the afternoon of 8 June, the MOYO board invited members to a guided tour of the archaeological excavations on the ‘Hohe Birga’ and the Rätermuseum in Birgitz. Despite the uncertain weather forecasts (there were heavy thunderstorms on the programme), members and friends of the association met on Saturday afternoon to join Prof. Florian Müller, Head of the Institute of Archaeology at the University of Innsbruck, to trace the footsteps of the Rhaetians in Tyrol.

The first stop was the Rätermuseum in the centre of Birgitz, where the numerous finds excavated on the ‘Hohe Birga’, such as ceramic vessels, but also metal jewellery and tools as well as objects made of glass and bone, provided an insight into everyday life and the living environment of a settlement of this period in Tyrol.

Afterwards, we went on foot to the ‘Hohe Birga’, a wooded hill north of Birgitz, on which buildings uncovered and partially reconstructed during archaeological excavations in recent years and the results of the latest archaeological work could be viewed. Thanks to the expertise of Florian Müller, who himself is on site every summer with students for excavations, it was an exciting tour and a lot of new things could be learnt. Thanks to today’s scientific methods, a lot could be researched and reconstructed about the way of life at that time, but some questions will remain unanswered forever.

Many thanks to everyone who took part and to Prof Florian Müller for the great tour!

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