Punch and Judy theatre for a good cause

A Punch and Judy show is one of the absolute highlights for the youngest among us. If the whole thing benefits a charitable cause, then parents and grandparents are also happy to be inspired.

Thanks to the support of the HoLaRo Punch and Judy show, the Weer adult school and the Ko Ko We parents’ association, the MOYO association hosted an entertaining afternoon in the Weer parish hall on Friday, 26 April 2024.

The two puppet actors Horst and Barbara were clearly looking forward to the show a few minutes before it began in the backstage area. They are both passionate about captivating children with the character of Punch and Judy. The children were right in the middle of the play, shouting in between and helping Kasperl on his adventures.

The voluntary donations will benefit the MOYO organisation. A special thank you goes to the Ko Ko We parents’ association, which boosted donations even more by offering coffee and cake, as well as sweets for the little ones.

Thanks for their support to the HoLaRo puppet theatre, the Weer adult school and the Ko Ko We parents’ association.

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