Guided tour of the Halltal drinking water tunnel

On Saturday 3 June, the MOYO association invited members, supporters and friends of the association to a guided tour of the Halltal drinking water gallery.

After a walk of about 30 minutes, those interested reached the drinking water gallery. After a mudslide paralysed the water supply of Absam and Hall in 1992, the two communities built what is probably one of the most impressive drinking water structures in Tyrol – the Margarethe gallery.

The water intake in the Bettelwurf massif at a depth of about one kilometre ensured the water supply of Hall and Absam for generations to come. The descent into the deep gallery was a welcome respite from the ascent in the sweltering heat and approaching rain. . Arriving at the bottom of the tunnel, we were given an insight into the spring catchment and the origins of its drinking water. Everywhere, deep in the mountain, drinking water bubbles out of the rock. It takes 10 years for the water to get from the surface into the gallery.

Many thanks to all participants and to our Stollen guide Christl Bernhart.

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