“Jambo – Tyrol meets Kenya reloaded” on 24th of March at Dinneclub

On 24 March, the time had come again: MOYO cooked again at the Dinnerclub Innsbruck, according to the motto “Jambo Tyrol meets Kenya”.

The dinner club is a series of events organised by the Integration House of the Diocese of Innsbruck. According to the motto “Eat with us for a good life for all”, people from different cultures come together on cooking evenings, enjoy culinary delights and at the same time do something good by collecting donations for a charitable project.

On Thursday afternoon, preparations started and shopping was done, after all, more than 80 people had registered for Friday evening. On Friday, there was already a hustle and bustle in the kitchen from 3 pm: Pumpkins had to be peeled and divided, vegetables chopped and the meat cooked. All the board members of MOYO helped diligently, because from 7 p.m. the guests were to be served the appetiser. The menu was pumpkin-sweet potato-coconut soup, chicken biriyani or biriyani vegetarian, and mango yoghurt cream for dessert.

The evening was a complete success thanks to everyone’s commitment, and especially thanks to our cook’s assistant, who wishes to remain unknown. A whopping EURO 1,400 was collected as donations and will now directly benefit the education of needy girls in the hinterland of Kenya.

A big thank you also goes to the Rotschürzen, who provided excellent service through their voluntary work, and of course to the host association Dinnerclub, which made the location available.

Thanks to all donors! Asante Sana!

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