African handicrafts for a good cause

Thanks to the generous donations of our supporters, more than 30 girls were able to attend the school in 2022.

We would especially like to thank our sponsor, the province of Tyrol. This financial contribution made it possible for many girls to attend school. We would like to highlight the fate of Veronica, an orphan who lives with her grandmother and had to drop out of school after 3 years of primary school due to lack of financial support. Back in the village, she had to help with housework and field work and then – as is not unusual due to lack of education – became pregnant (father unknown). The path of life thus seemed to be a one-way street and predetermined. Our local partner found Veronica, made it possible for her to finish school despite having a baby, and she is currently attending a vocational high school and training to become a tailor. Read more about Veronica’s story at this link

Veronica in the village with grandmother and baby

As a thank you for their support, the older students have sewn bags, tablecloths, placemats and other accessories, which are now presented at events organised by the MOYO association and are available for voluntary donations. We look forward to lively interest.

Veronica with selfmade items

If you are interested outside of MOYO events, please contact

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