“Literary sporting” evening for a good cause…

On Tuesday, November 29th, a “sporting-literary reading” took place in the Hall of New Orleans at the University of Innsbruck for the benefit of the MOYO association. At this charity event, the Innsbruck librarian and author Christian Kössler presented his latest book “A goal is whoever eats in the goal – literary from the goalkeeper’s perspective”.

Christian Kössler was a member of the Tyrolean lower house of football for many years and has made several appearances in goal for the Austrian team of authors. In this book he gives insights into the perspective of the man who still has to wear gloves at 33 degrees plus. Debris, injuries, wisdom, folly and dementia are discussed.

Questions such as “Why is it bad to eat in the goal?” or “What does ornithology have to do with football” ensured a cheerful atmosphere among the guests of the evening.

As an introduction, the President of the MOYO association, Barbara Messner, briefly presented sporting highlights that she experienced during her social work in Kenya in 2018 at a peace tournament. With this event, sport and fun should build a bridge between hostile tribes. The quintessence of the evening was that sport connects and brings joy – regardless of outfit, age, gender or ethnicity.

Many thanks to Christian Kössler, who made the donations and the net proceeds from the charity reading available to the MOYO association. Many thanks also to the numerous donors and supporters of the evening. Asante Sana!

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