African film night for a good cause

Yesterday, the screening of the film “FATUMA – struggles and successes of a woman in Tanzania” took place at the SoWi in lecture hall 2, followed by a discussion. Despite the glorious summer weather, 70 interested people gathered in the room. After the film screening and short statements by assoz. Prof. Mag. Andreas Exenberger (Institute for Economic Theory, Policy and History, University of Innsbruck) and Ing. MMag. Matthias Danninger (formerly Brother and Sister in Need Innsbruck, East Africa Department, now UNESCO Coordinator, Academic Gymnasium Innsbruck) led to a stimulating discussion.for a good cause

In addition to points such as women’s rights and equal treatment, topics such as property rights as a relic of colonialism and climate change and fundamental questions of western development work were also touched upon. Additional valuable input came from 2 other listeners who run a social project in Tanzania and Zimbawe. In both of these cases, the motivation for founding the association was the same as for MOYO. During a stay in the Global South, the two ladies became aware of the social injustice and global imbalance in the two countries mentioned. With the founding of a non-profit association in Europe, they now want to take countermeasures here. The conclusion of the evening was that everyone can make a small contribution and thus contribute to a better world. However, changes take time and do not happen overnight, as the history of women in Europe shows us. It is also important to include both women and men in this process of change.

In the end, over EUR 300 in voluntary donations could be collected that evening. Many thanks to all participants!

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