Lusaria und Veronica are telling their stories


My name is Lusaria Wanyama, from Nakalira village. I am the first born child in the family of Seven children. I went to school in Nakalira Primary where I did my primary education. My Mother separated with my father when I was still young. Life was not the same. I struggled to get my academic requirements from my father because we were under the care of a step mother. We lived in the house of our grandmother where there were no lights. We used kerosene for lighting but it was not enough to help us do our home work.

One day KIDEP visited our school and wanted to identify two needy girls to be supported in education. I was curious to know what the visitors were up to. However, I didn’t know whether I will be the lucky one. Fortunately with the help of the head teacher and other teachers in the school I was lucky to be identified as one of the beneficiaries of the girls to be supported by the organization. I was supported  with a  new school uniform, they paid maize and beans for my lunch programme, provided sanitary towels and I was now comfortably in class since I was not being frustrated and embarrassed with the toned uniform that I had. However due to Covid 19, the schools were closed down after I had just finished my primary level and there was nothing to be done for more than eight months but just staying at home with my poor grandmother who sometimes  was unable to provide a meal a day. It was a big challenge to her because sometimes she also needed me to provide for her but I was not able since I was still a child.

Due to desperation I decided to look for casual employment on daily basis so that I can support my grandmother but couldn’t find one. One day my in-law who stays in the neighbourhood approached me.  She proposed to me that there is someone who needed a house help. In the first place I hesitated but later I agreed to go and work since the future was still very dark for me. My employer received me well and assisted me to settle down as this was my first job experience. In the first place I was relieved for having a job to earn a living. Two months elapsed without receiving my pay. I decided to ask my employer for the salary. Unfortunately all the money had been send to my father. I was so disappointed. I worked for more than twelve hours but earned nothing. I woke up at 5.00 a.m in the morning and went to sleep at 11.00 p.m in the night. My relationship with my employer changed. It was no longer harmonious. I worked under pressure not knowing what to do next.

Fortunately one day my sponsors of the KIDEP organization that had identified me initially started to trace my whereabouts. They came to Bungoma where I was and they wanted me to go back to school. At one point I became discouraged of continuing with my education because of the bad influence that I had received from my in-law who took me there. When I remembered what my father did with my money, I resisted to go back home in the same situation of the poverty.

It was not until one week later KIDEP with the  involvement of the national government administration and the police that  I was summoned  together with my paternal uncle, my grandmother and my grandfather  to go and explain why I am resisting to go to school. The lady involved in the incidence was arrested and that brought fear in me thinking that I could also be arrested.

I had to rethink my career what I wanted to become in future since I am the first born child of my parents. Thanks to Mr Robert Wenani who all the time was at home together with the administration to confirm when I will be going to school. Thanks to Madam Catherine who did counselling to me because my mind was changed by people who had already given up in life, I was all thinking about quick money from informal employment other than going to school and  train a course of my dream.

After counselling, I realized that, I was working but not getting any single shilling because all the money went to my father who is doing security work in Nairobi. My mind changed, and I decided to go back to school as a professional in food and beverages. I also learnt that professional training is permanent inheritance   you receive when you accept to go back to school. As at now I am comfortably in school in one of the best Vocational Training Centre (VTC) taking a course that will help me become somebody in future.

Thanks to KIDEP organization Madam Director for your great support in my education, Thanks so much Mr Emmanuel Kizito for your direction and intervention for helping me come back and realize my future dream. Not forgetting driver Mr. Emmanuel Simiyu for taking me to school and lastly the administration that ensured that am going to school as per the government policy on education of 100% transition, thank you very much and may God Bless you.


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My name is Veronica  Wanyama , I come from a village known as Nakalira, I am the second born in the family of seven children, My mother separated with my father long time ago when I was still young. All the time I had been staying with my grandmother in a small piece of land where we could only do subsistence farming with my grandmother.

Life at home was not easy, getting food and other basic requirements  was very difficult, I went schooling at Nakalira primary  but sometimes I could miss going to school  due to lack of sanitary towels,  because I was afraid of being embarrassed  during my monthly periods, so that forced me to stay at home with my grandmother sometimes.

One day KIDEP team and one of the donors visited our school and they wanted to select one of the needy girls so that she can be supported by the organization with the provision of uniform, feeding programme which include maize and beans at school and other basic requirements. Fortunately I was identified as one of the pupil to be supported. I really thanked God because life at home was unbearable. Even the uniform that I used to wear was in very bad conditions. Sometimes I felt embarrassed as girl.

KIDEP supported me, I finished my primary school and thereafter COVID 19 came in, this is where I stayed at home for a very long period and there was nothing to be done at home. Life became so difficult until I reached to a point where I had given up in life due to desperation. I fell into a relationship which spoilt my bright future. The man whom I thought would be my prospective husband was involved in a road accident   and died instantly.  I started to regret because I was pregnant when he passed on.

Fortunately KIDEP could not see my weaknesses  despite that I have a child  they  asked me if I could  continue with my studies  and since I was very willing and ready to go to school, I felt happy  because I realized that  my dream will come true.

Thanks to KIDEP organization for selecting me among the many girls in the village and the great support that you offered to me.

Am now in SOSIO vocational Training Centre in Kamkuywa undertaking  fashion and design   course for one year , and I believe that the knowledge  and skills  that I will acquire  will enable me to support my child together with my grandmother since she also need my great support . Thanks  to KIDEP organization for everything that you have done to me to ensure that I see a way where it seems to be no way.


Vielen Dank an alle Spenderinnen und Spender! Asante Sana!

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