Some Stories of 3 needy girls…

Thanks to the generous donations to the MOYO association, some needy girls were given a basis for an independent life, here are their stories


Veronica got pregnant for lack of basic needs and we need to look for her to come and do the National Examination to enable her join secondary school or any vocational training centre in order for her to be self reliant.

Veronica delivered a baby who is malnourished for lack of food. Veronica is in poor condition and now depressed. When we went to look for her o go to the Vocational Training Centre, we had to counsel her first. The girl was longing for support and desperately wanted to get out of home but the challenge was who was to look after the child. We looked for the vocational training centre which is near her home and purchased for her all the necessary basic needs and admitted her at Sosio Vocational Training Centre, where she will take the course in  tailoring. Since Vocation Training Centre is about 10km from her home we organized for someone with motorcycle to take her to the VTC and bring her back home in the evening to look after her baby. Veronica is very happy with the arrangement. We have paid half of the fees, bought food, bedding’s and stationery for her, now Veronica is able to smile.

Veronica and her baby


Lusaria Naliaka, was trafficked with a woman in the village who makes a living with trafficking young girls and boys to work as house maids and animal herders where they are mistreated and exploited and later on send away. Lusaria has delayed two weeks to join Anderson Vocational Training Centre. We had to search for her convinced the woman who trafficked her to take us where she was working as a house maid.

When we brought her home to be taken to VTC, this woman took her back again, we took the legal action where the woman was arrested and put in jail is when she brought Lusaria back. We have counseled Lusaria and she has accepted to go to VTC to train. We have done all the shopping and already she is at Anderson Vocation Training Centre. We have left the case for the chief and the police to handle. This will make this woman not to traffic young girls and boys again.

Lusaria on her admission day at Anderson Vocational Training Centre

The third girl Eunice was also saved from a trafficker and now she is at Anderson Vocation Training Centre taking catering course.

Eunice on her admission day at Anderson Vocational Training Centre
Yvonne, Lusaria, Eunice
Doricas, Lusaria and Eunice – at Andersen Vocational Training Center
Lusaria and Eunice
Lusaria and Eunice

Many thanks to all donors for saving this young girls from early marriages and being trafficked to work as domestic workers where they are mistreated, exploited and then dumped! Asante Sana!

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