The association MOYO – More Heart for Girls and Women of this world – is pleased to invite you to an exciting lecture:

Title: Give girls in Africa a chance”
Time: 15th of June 2021, 7 p.m.

Introduction: Barbara Messner, President of the MOYO association (German)
Status report on site: Sophie E. Kibuywa, Director of the Kimilili Integrated Development Education Program (KIDEP) (live link in English)
Discussion and questions

Location: Zoom-Webinar
Recording: Link

The MOYO association is involved in selected projects to give girls a better chance for a self-determined life by attending school. Together with the local partner KIDEP, MOYO supports 3 schools in the hinterland of Kenya on the border with Uganda. Poverty is widespread and girls in particular have a hard fate without the opportunity to go to school. Forced marriages at the age of 14 are the order of the day, girls are simply married away and so the problem seems to be solved. In Africa, women and girls do most of the work in the fields and in livestock farming, and here girls are employed by their families as free labor.

Two years ago, Barbara Messner worked as a volunteer on site for the organization DESECE for a few months. During this stay, social grievances were experienced first hand, especially for women, and so Barbara Messner’s motivation grew to continue to be socially active after returning to Austria and to found an association.

Sophie E. Kibuywa:
Sophie Kibuywa grew up in very poor conditions with 8 siblings in the back country of Kenya. Already in her teenage years she decided never to get married and to fight against poverty and violence against women. As a single African woman, a tough fight with a lot of headwind in the male-dominated world in Kenya. Sophie started as a social worker and founded the NGO (non-governmental organization) Kimilili Integrated Development Education Program (KIDEP) back in the 1970s. She now runs in addition a local “community center” in the rural district of Bungoma and, together with her staff, trains the villagers in the area in the areas of sustainable agriculture, human rights, education, reproductive health and gender equality. These educational projects aim to break the spiral of poverty and promote initiative and independence.

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