Many thanks to the donors

Last Saturday the general assembly of the association including the audit took place. The board team of MOYO – More Heart for Girls and Women of the World would like to take this opportunity to thank them again for the numerous donations, as well as to those people who volunteer in the background.

Thanks to the monitarian support, some projects in the Bungoma district could be realized:

Primary schools in Sossio and Nakalira:
Provision of 30 school uniforms and lunch for 10 children (corn and beans) for one semester. This much-needed meal is often the only warm meal the children get during the day.

Maize and Beans

More about the fate of the needy schoolgirl Rose, about laughing children’s eyes when handing over the uniforms and corn sacks at:

Even the Corona distance requirements were forgotten with joy.

Secondary school in Sossio:
The student Yvonne, the girl who walked 40 km to school and whose fate particularly moved us, is allowed to go back to school. MOYO has paid her outstanding school fees.


In addition, hygiene articles for 10 schoolgirls who come from particularly needy families and were specifically selected during their on-site visit in February 2020 were financed.

Details under:

In March 2021, MOYO transferred another donation to Africa in order to pay these selected girls the boarding school fees and thus secure their independent future.

It is therefore to be hoped that the government in Kenya will not close the schools again due to the increasing corona numbers.

MOYO thanks all donors.
Asante sana!

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