Schools are open again

The time has finally come: Despite the rising number of corona infections, the Kenyan government has ordered the opening of schools from January 4th under strict hygiene and safety requirements. As already reported in the last blog post, this is a double-edged sword: on the one hand, schools can never meet these requirements, especially since most facilities do not even have running water and sufficient spatial capacities. However, the fact that African girls are given future prospects again because of their education speaks in favor of opening schools. Many have already returned to the villages to support their parents, who have lost their jobs as day laborers, with aid or field work and will probably never see a school again anytime soon.

Sophie E. Kibuywa, director of the local partner Kimilili Integrated Development Education Program (KIDEP) visited the St. Mary secondary school in Sossio just a few days after the school opened. This school in the Bungoma district was selected during an on-site visit in February 2020 to enable girls from needy families to go to school.

MOYO reported

We were particularly touched by the story of Yvonne, a 14-year-old girl who walked 40 km to school as soon as she received the letter from the authorities about her compulsory education. Although her parents had no money for the school fee, Yvonne stayed in the school until she was accepted. Due to the kindness of the director, Yvonne is allowed to attend the boarding school, but will not receive a certificate and thus she is denied an independent future. The headmistress has to keep a book about the costs of Yvonne’s school stay and report this “debt” to the authorities so that the girl could be expelled from school at any time. MOYO has decided to support Yvonne and pay the school fees and boarding school. Due to the lockdown, this was delayed, but the debt could now be paid.

Yvonne and the director of St. Mary secondary school

The director of the St. Mary secondary school keeps a book about needy students and their outstanding debts. Thanks to the donations to MOYO, these girls were able to get pocket money for urgently needed hygiene articles and masks, which are compulsory for school attendance.

needy students

MOYO thanks all donors. Asante sana!

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