MOYO at the flea market at the Cyta Shopping Center (18.10.2020)

During the summer the MOYO board team ransacked their attics and basements and diligently collected items for a flea market stand on October 18, 2020 at the Cyta Shopping Center. The sale proceeds will go to our Africa project.

Equipped with 2 thermos flasks of coffee and tea, the MOYO stand was set up at 5 a.m. and sales started successfully at 7 a.m. Everything was available from household appliances, decorative materials, sports equipment, toys and accessories and some things were bought directly from the car trunk before the official opening..

With a turnover of EUR 190.00, the day ended very well. Getting up early and staying in the cold was worth it.

The next flea market visit is planned during spring at Cyta. Your donations and visits to the MOYO booth are very welcome. Please contact us at

More information about the next flea market at

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