International Women’s Day (8.3.2020)

Due to today’s World Women’s Day, MOYO would like to draw attention again to the stigmatizing situation of girls in Africa during their menstrual period. Hygiene items are in short supply or not affordable. Female menstruation is still a taboo subject in Kenya and girls don’t have the money for sanitary napkins. Rags, cow dung, scraps of cloth, feathers and newspapers are used as a replacement for the napkins. Many girls miss classes for fear of seeing blood stains during their period days. During my stay in Africa, I was told about a girl whose blood stains could be seen on her uniform in the middle of class. The student was laughed at by the classmates and reprimanded by the teacher and sent home. However, the girl never arrived at home, instead she committed suicide out of sheer shame and was found hanging on a tree.

Produktion von Mehrwegbinden
production of reuseable sanitary towels

Our local partner Kimilili Integrated Development Education Program (KIDEP) produces reusable napkins and distributes them to poor girls in schools. This way girls can calmly go to school during “their days

Buy one of our packages to give girls a better future starting with education. Or support us with a donation, which will be used to help provide hygiene articles. Asante Sana!

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